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Before & after ELIX Villarroel, 90

Before & after ELIX Villarroel, 90

24.07.2014 -Before and after the promotion of ELIX Villarroel,90,  apartments with a charm. 

Today we would like to share with you the process of our rehabilitation, that was brought aboard by our team. The promotion ELIX Villarroel, 90 is building with a classic charm located in the heart of Eixample Izquierda of Barcelona.
Like in all ELIX promotions, the principal objective for the rehabilitation of ELIX Villarroel, 90 was to transform the original livingspaces to a livingspace with a true charm by recycling original elements and combining them with the modern style and quality of the newest materials.
For being able to do so, we have recovered the original wooden beams of the building and left them visibles in the space of the livingroom-diningzone and in one of the bedrooms, offering like this a sense of warmth and charm.

Antes y después de VillaroelAntes y después de VillaroelAnother of the recycled materials was the mosaic floors. Like you can see in these images, we choose only the best conserved pieces and restore them to use as decoration in the kitchen floor. This to conserve the modernist style in the original building.

Antes y después de VillaroelAntes y después de VillaroelThe distribution was another of the exits from this rehabilitation, as we can now offer completely new spaces, with more width and function.
The quantity of natural light was another one of the values of this promotion. To achieve this, we converted a closed space into a luminous and spacious terrace with a direct access from the living room.
Antes y después de Villaroel
If you would you like to discover in detail the final result of the spectacular process of the rehabilitation of ELIX Villarroel, 90, you can visit the paragraph of projects on our web page and there you will find all the information regarding the ELIX promotion Villarroel, 90.