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ARTistLOVE exhibition in ELIX

ARTistLOVE exhibition in ELIX

10.07.2014 -The past 27 of June we had the pleasure to let our locals for free in our new promotion Elix Bailén, 198 to the collective of artists ARTistLOVE, for them to realize an exhibition of art together.

This building is currently in a process of rehabilitation and ARTistLOVE converted these locals into a singular space with the thought of celebrating the second edition of ARTistLOVE Social Collective Art Experience in Barcelona.

ARTistLOVE is a social collaboration project that consists in giving the art potential and expression trough making collective exhibitions. This collective is present in several cities round the world. That makes us very proud to being able to give them our support, through lending our local surface to them. In Barcelona, a city full of creativity and artistic potential.

This event was realized with the purpose of giving name to the work of these upcoming artists. And at the same time realize a social action in giving workshops to children and collectives with limited recourses or health problems. The exhibition gave place to more than 100 national and international artists with different disciplines: painting, photography, sculpturing, cooking, music, theatre and design. Even more, was also exhibited known work of street artists like PEZ and Xupet Negre.

It was a great honor to us to be able to participate in this big encounter and collaborate in making this celebration possible. This celebration, that was also of great help to collect funding and continue ahead with this solidary project.